Press Release

15 January 2017

Entrepreneur, Gail Hinrichsen, interviewed by Derek Watts and Devi Govender, of Carte Blanche at Blyde River Canyon Lodge, Hoedspruit


Well, the day has finally dawned for this long awaited interview with entrpreneur, Gail Hinrichsen, who decided to make the move from sunny Gauteng, to the small country village of Hoedspruit, which lies nestled between the Drakensberg mountains and the Blyde River, in the Limpopo Province.


We have flown in to this majestic little town, mid afternoon to find out how it is that this 51 year old mother of two adult daughters, uprooted herself and her husband and moved from the “hustle and bustle” of the Province of Gauteng to the Limpopo province, on the borders of the Kruger National Park.

We are interviewing her at the Blyde River Canyon Lodge, where she has insisted to put us up during our three day stay. While they are making their way down, we are enjoying a leisurely cocktail beside the sparkling pool set in the tranquil gardens.


Derek: “Well, Devi, do you think she will be as dynamic as we picture her to be?”

Devi: ” Her whole story sounds a bit like a fairtytale, too good to be true? Ooh, here she comes! I could do with a beautiful silver Jeep Grand Cherokee like that? Doesn’t she look amazing for her age in that designer linen suit, wonder how she does it?  I believe she has also just jetted in from a trip to Alaska?  Boy am I jealous!”

“Welcome to my neck of the woods, so glad to be able to talk to you. I have watched your show since the early 2000″s but never thought I’d see the day when I was actually being interviewed by you two in this, my favourite place in the whole of South Africa!” Gail greeted. “Think I am going to join you in a cocktail. Waitress, please may I have a Strawberry Daiquiri? But only one, I need to watch this figure, or I’ll have to walk twice the distance this week to catch up.” she jokes.

“Sorry I couldn’t accommodate you at my house, but I have just bought a house on the banks of the river and am doing extensive renovations, that’s why we are also staying here at the Lodge in the interim until the renovations are complete.”

Derek andDevi, in unison “No problem, this is a beautiful setting for this private interview”

“I thought we could do the interview out here and then go in for supper and relax, is that ok? This is such a beautiful setting to finish off the day! This is why I love this town so much”


Devi started  the interview, wanting to find out more about Gail’s family life. “So, you have two daughters?”

“That’s right Devi, Meagan – our eldest, is 28, she got married two years ago. It was the most amazing wedding, just a small affair with family and close friends. They were married on horseback in a beautiful setting under an umbrella of trees at the river on a farm where her husband’s horses are stabled.”

“Wow, that’s most unusual?” Derek commented

“Yes, it is, isn’t it? It was such a privilege as a parent to experience this.”


“Anyway, moving on, my youngest daughter Lauren, is 26 and she runs her own business, a dog/cat grooming parlour, hehe, it’s actually more of a spa for animals than a parlour! which I helped her open and set up a branch right here in Hoedspruit.  She just loves animals and that is why we have to have such a big property to accommodate them all! Including horses!”


Gail’s cellphone rings. “Sorry, do you mind if I take this? It’s my mom in Cape Town, and I need to talk to her. I fly there at least once every three months for a week and she often needs me to get her a few things from here! Hi, Mom, I am busy with the interview with Devi and Derek. Can I call you later this evening? Ok, no problem. I will call you first thing tomorrow morning. Bye, love you!”

“Sorry about that, where were we?”

Derek continued,”Wow, this is an awesome setting at the pool, as the sun goes down, isn’t it? I can see why you love this place. Is that a deer wondering around here, how amazing is that? I think I’m falling in love with Hoedspruit myself! ” he chuckles.



“Well, Gail, I am dying to know how or why rather you uprooted yourself from the city life of Gauteng and came to settle here in this idyllic, small town of Hoedspruit.” Devi was quick to jump in.

“Devi, it is actually not a very long or complicated story actually. It all started off two and a half years ago when my husband came upon this programme on the internet. He is an avid network marketer and subscribes to umpteen newsletters, posts, etc. This one day he was so excited when he came out of his office that he had been sent a link to join a programme, called the Masterkey Mastermind Alliance, which was based on how to reprogramme your subby? ”

Devi and Derek looked confused.

“Sorry, this is the Masterkey, or MKMMA terminology I now live with. It’s the subconscious!” Gail explained laughing.

“Well, to cut a long story short, I was so excited that I decided to join and do the programme as well! This changed my life, as I reprogrammed my subconscious mind and learnt to change my world within so that it would manifest in my world without!” Gail blurted out, she could hardly contain her excitement. “In the beginning, it was hard for me to set goals and write my Definite Major Purpose, basically what I wanted for my life in the future. This course helped my sell my Cleaning Business, which paved the way for my move to Hoedspruit and my other prospective business ventures. I am now living out this purpose and can’t believe all this has transpired and I am looking back on my life and am totally in awe. ”

“Wow, Derek, perhaps Gail can send this link on to us and we can have a look? sounds like something that everyone should definitely do.” Devi commented.

Gail rounded up the interview and suggested that they all go in, as the sun had set and their dinner was waiting for them.


Devi, standing  up, confirmed with Gail that they would definitely have to set up another date in the near future where they could come and see her newly renovated house and the Pet Spa.

They all rose and headed indoors to the dining room for dinner.




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One thought on “Press Release

  1. What an amazing life you have Gail. Your positive energy just radiates as well as your love for your family.
    This is an incredible place more place for me to visit.
    Have my drinks ready for my visit when you finish the renovations.

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