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Week 10 – Was that me?


This is the question I have been asking myself a lot this week. In my last blog, I referred to an opportunity that came across my path after I had put it out there in my DMP that I would be doing a lot of travelling. Well, I am noticing huge differences in the way I have taken this business full on and am going all out to make a success and get this off the ground. Much of what I have to do to get it off the ground is totally out of my comfort zone and definitely belongs to the old blueprint? isn’t it amazing how over the last two months our belief system in ourselves has been strengthened so much, we hardly recognise ourselves anymore?

Yep, I also did the assessment as requested and my score has jumped from 49 to 32 and puts me on the borderline of the middle category and almost in the top category already? Is this not amazing?

We are hammering that old blueprint and yes I will persist until I succeed! I am a new woman with a new life and I will dig for reasons to applaud! These are the sentences I am carrying forward from the first two scrolls. Isn’t this journey amazing? I look forward to my new future with excited anticipation!

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