Week 9 – Whole, Perfect, Strong, Loving, Powerful,Happy and Harmonious

Well, to start off the week, one of my big clients, a restaurant that we do daily cleaning seven days a week, cancels with no notice, as they have severe cash constraints. Then a little later the same day a client that takes an occasional domestic calls to inform me he has money missing in his house!

control over your thoughts

How to deal with these challenges, that is the question? go into instant downward spiral, or take it in my stride and do some additional advertising to pull in some new clients? Yep, you guessed it. I hit the advertising trail on the internet and my husband did a rekkie, handing out my business cards and leaflets.

Watch this space!

Nothing is impossible

An old acquaintance through my husband’s previous business called requesting a coffee meeting this week. Guess what? I now have a new business opportunity! And guess what else too? It is in the travel industry! Here comes my Travel portion of my DMP! Isn’t it amazing how when you put the intention out there, all pulls together to make it happen?

I had also had a dream/goal to open a home for abandoned/orphaned babies on my DMP, which I changed and left off because I wasn’t sure how/if this would manifest. Guess what? This company have a volunteer segment and they run a home for abandoned babies and orphaned babies. Can you believe it? I get goosebumps just thinking about it!!

I am so excited for my future now. The intent has been put into the ether and all is pulling together to manifest these in my life. From areas I had no idea would come to the fore.


Whenever those doubts start setting in, I just repeat this over and over to myself and it uplifts me tremendously.

So enjoying this journey!





7 thoughts on “Week 9 – Whole, Perfect, Strong, Loving, Powerful,Happy and Harmonious

  1. Incredible when things just start to happen. I’m so glad for your experience, I wish everyone in our world would believe and have similar experiences, happy thanksgiving if you are in the United States. Peace, George.

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