Week 8 – Doing it Now!


Well, the picture tells a story! How’s your week been? I must admit this weeks been a bit of a struggle, too much happening and I am still trying to do all the services, readings, etc. I have slipped up once or twice but am still on track and going strong. I have committed and will keep on keeping on until I achieve what I have set  out to achieve.

One of my services was to plant my veggie garden and I am proud to say that is a “go”. All on track and expanding this week. I had to play a bit of catchup on my services as I got a bit behind, but I am proud to say I did that all on the weekend! Christmas cakes baked, veggie garden done, plants sorted, etc.

In addition to all of this, we rescued a 2 year old cat from the stableyard where my daughter stables her horse. The lady living in the cottage just up and left and didn’t bother to take them with! Said her daughter wouldn’t have them. Then make a plan and have somebody take them from you or take them to animal rescue? This poor little mite is disabled, very week on his backlegs, can’t jump and sooooo loveable. He was just left outside to fend for himself, poor mite! Well needless to say, vaccinations done, neutering on track for this next week, deworming, etc as we have another 7 (yes seven) rescues at home, so can’t take any chances


.And I couldn’t help thinking, they are so dependant on us humans, and yet we falter all the time in being responsible and accountable to ourselves and others? This applies to all of us on the MKMMA course as well. If we commit to starting out, we need to commit and follow through and do what needs to be done to be successful, or we have no one else to blame but ourselves at the end of the day for our “lot” or “fate”. Man up, take responsibility and yes, sure sometimes we have a setback, but forgive yourself, pick yourself up and move on.

My business has picked up and new cleans are coming in daily, which is GREAT! Loving this part of my DMP getting going! I have tackled new advertising methods and they seem to be working, yay! When a thought pops in to my head, previously I might have ignored it, but now I see the opportunity and follow through.

Well, I followed Marks advice and read quite a few people’s Press Releases. I actually feel my dreams and goals are small compared to some and perhaps I have limited myself to the next 2 or 3 years? I need to revisit my DMP and Press Release in the next weeks and broaden my horizons. and plan further ahead in the future. Well done to everyone, they are amazing!

How did everyone elses recordings go? I am a bit technologically challenged and it took me a while to choose the right music, etc and then actually sit down and do the recording. But, it is done and I am listening every day. It’s strange to hear your own voice repeating all the POA statements, DMP, etc but very powerful.

Looking forward to week 9!


7 thoughts on “Week 8 – Doing it Now!

  1. Great update, Gail. You’re ahead of me on the recording – mine still to finish. The thing about goals is not to worry about ‘How” and to be as outrageous as you dare. As long as they challenge you it really doesn’t matter one jot what other people’s goals are. Best wishes.

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  2. Love you blog…it reads like mine…yes I too have missed some stuff…not telling!
    I am beginning to trust myself in trying new ventures for my business and that is what matters. I am not doing the same thing and expecting different results…Open mind and all shall come.

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  3. Hi Gail, Thank you so much for sharing your post with me, I relate to the rooster too and love your heart. I too would have taken in the pussy cat, it’s so hard to fathom how some people can justify their actions and just leave a cat to defend for themselves. oops! Opinions!. It’s lovely to meet you and look forward to reading your posts. xxoo


  4. Love the rooster! Feathers tangled, bare skin sticking out all over, but still strutting with head and tail high!
    He looks like my week, too.
    My congratulations to you for welcoming in your rescues to heart and home. In the past I’ve had very similar thoughts about the people who would dump off furred friends – mostly cats – out here in the country. Some I’ve taken in, found homes for; others have stayed. Some of the rest come to the open food dish in the garage, but prefer to stay away from direct contact; and some just disappear. If I’m not keeping watch on my own mind, it’s easy to judge the people who have abandoned them to the elements and other wildlife; since the beginning of the MKMMA and learning that “All mind is one mind,” and we are connected to everything in creation through that spark of the same Source that we come from, I wonder if maybe those people were doing as another’s subconscious was bidding them to do. There are no coincidences; all experience is intended to teach us something. Why should cats and dogs, who have minds and spirits and are therefore parts of ‘all mind is one mind,’ be excluded from using that same power to get where they need to go in order to learn what they need to learn? In fact, why wouldn’t animals have an easier time exercising their wills, considering they probably don’t have all the dross that gets into our ways?

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