Week 7 – Keeping it Together

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So, my day begins at 06h00: Read the scroll, DMP,BPB,Masterkeys,7 Laws of the Mind,Press Release,Index Cards, 7 Day Diet, Compensation Essay, Sit. This is how my days now begin, with a cup of coffee in bed and the aforementioned Readings. When doing this, my day can only start off positive can it not? I have actually formulated a spreadsheet which I tick off daily, morning/Noon and Night, so that I dont forget anything. I am not always so conscientious about the midday reads, but that’s why I choose to do the bulk of the readings in the morning. I only do the scroll and the movie Trailer at lunchtime.

The sale of my laundry business is still going ahead, however, the original buyer has not been able to organise financing and wanted me to take payment over 24 months. It was difficult for me, but I thought of my DMP and my new blueprint and was able to turn away from this offer. At the moment, I have two other interested parties who are cash buyers, so I realise I need to stick to my guns and move forward and not get hampered when things don’t always work out as planned. I remember the first scroll which says “I must practise the art of patience, cos nature acts never in haste” and this has sustained me.

I had an irate client this week who gave me every opportunity to just tell her to “go and get knotted!” However, I practised the Law of Substitution and kept it all together while she ranted on and on and on. My husband had overheard the conversation and had actually commented that he didn’t know how I managed to stay so positive with her shouting in my ear. The cherry on top was when I received an sms from her later on in the day apologising for her behaviour. I realised then that I had set a good example by not fighting back and it had not gone unnoticed. I felt really proud of myself.

Driving on the roads is also a challenge, but more and more I am just letting things be. When someone pulls out in front of me driving like a snail, I merely slow down and take a deep breath and think of my DMP. I have had to restart my 7 days of positivity quite a few times a day already, but it is getting easier to put the negative thoughts away and think positive and of my ultimate purpose.

I haven’t managed to do my recording yet, life has just been a bit hectic and I am a bit digitally challenged, but I will get in the Alliances area in the next day or two and get it done. I look forward to this, as I find the audios I listen to in my car very uplifting.


10 thoughts on “Week 7 – Keeping it Together

  1. Gail, I woke up, read my BPB, 7 Laws, then your post. It was real nice to hear of your experience with the sale of the store, keeping your cool, then getting an apology. you made my day start out very nice.
    keep up the work!

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  2. Love to rise early too ! great idea to use the spreadsheet. I’m using a white board for the moment, but might switch to a spreadsheet. Thanks !


  3. You ave mastered or found a way to deal with the discipline necessary here. It is fantastic how you have chosen to deal with your business and so rapidly. Who says change has to take forever.


  4. Well done on the restraint. In those situations I am tempted to substitute “get knotted” with something even more uncomfortable. Clearly I have work to do. Similar to your spreadsheet, I use a Task Manager to create a list with reminders that pop up on the computer so no excuses for getting carried away with “research” on the Internet!


  5. Gail, I just loved your blog. How life changes for us all!!!! You did so well with the irate customer, which reinforced everything we are learning. Thanks for the tip about the spreadsheet. I am putting together a list as there is soooo much to remember, so it will go into a spreadsheet.

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