Week 6 – Everything in shapes


Yay, after 5 weeks of trying to see these shapes in my world, pretty unsuccessfully I might add, now that I have my DMP goals on them, they are everywhere. (including on the pages all over my house. lol) The pieces of the puzzle are now taking shape!! Hallelujah!!

This is awesome, everytime I see these shapes, it brings a clear picture into my mind, instantly, my DMP goals as I have them on my shape sheet! My new life is taking shape, I am so excited.

I printed my pages with the 4 shapes, and chose to handwrite in the shapes, rather than print. It felt more meaningful this way? They are up all over my house, at my dressing table, on my cupboard, at my long mirror, above my computer on the wall,I decided not to put in the car, as we share a car and I don’t spend much time in the car, so rather put up everywhere in my home,  (we live in a smallish house and I work from home so it is not easy to miss them), that I notice on a regular basis and of course as my bookmark, which is becoming quite thick now, I must add.

The sentence I carried forward from Scroll One is “I am a new woman, with a new life” and it is feeling that way now. I tend to be anxious and am easily stressed? I run my own business and it comes with the staff issues and financial pressures, but I find doing my first readings in the morning with a cup of coffee in bed, before rising sets the precedent for the day. Not that I don’t still feel the anxiety, but it is improving and I can overcome it a lot easier and quicker. I feel more in control. I was on anti-depressants for a number of years, and these ultimately landed me in hospital for 9 days with a major heart complication in March this year. My medication was changed, but I am proud to say these are a thing of the past, I have totally weaned myself off them and I am doing great! This course is also assisting me in staying off the medication by changing my life and keeping me positive, focused and energised.

I am enjoying scroll 2, after the 30 days with scroll one, it is quite refreshing. I had an incident this week where I could so easily have lost my cool and I didn’t. I looked at the situation and thought it through, sent love and realised, it is as it is and did what I needed to do and moved on. I was so proud of myself.

Opinions are more obvious to me now, however, it is still a constant daily challenge to bite my tongue. We all too easily want to give our view or opinion when nobody has actually asked or actually cares at the end of the day?

Yes, more shapes, bring them on!! Opinions, be gone with you!






7 thoughts on “Week 6 – Everything in shapes

  1. That’s a great insight on the beautiful work you are doing to walk you hero’s journey, congratulations Gail! Your shapes are living things, if you did them all like those you represented in the top of this post, you for sure don’t work alone at home anymore, I absolutely love it!


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