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Week 9 – Whole, Perfect, Strong, Loving, Powerful,Happy and Harmonious

Well, to start off the week, one of my big clients, a restaurant that we do daily cleaning seven days a week, cancels with no notice, as they have severe cash constraints. Then a little later the same day a client that takes an occasional domestic calls to inform me he has money missing in his house!

control over your thoughts

How to deal with these challenges, that is the question? go into instant downward spiral, or take it in my stride and do some additional advertising to pull in some new clients? Yep, you guessed it. I hit the advertising trail on the internet and my husband did a rekkie, handing out my business cards and leaflets.

Watch this space!

Nothing is impossible

An old acquaintance through my husband’s previous business called requesting a coffee meeting this week. Guess what? I now have a new business opportunity! And guess what else too? It is in the travel industry! Here comes my Travel portion of my DMP! Isn’t it amazing how when you put the intention out there, all pulls together to make it happen?

I had also had a dream/goal to open a home for abandoned/orphaned babies on my DMP, which I changed and left off because I wasn’t sure how/if this would manifest. Guess what? This company have a volunteer segment and they run a home for abandoned babies and orphaned babies. Can you believe it? I get goosebumps just thinking about it!!

I am so excited for my future now. The intent has been put into the ether and all is pulling together to manifest these in my life. From areas I had no idea would come to the fore.


Whenever those doubts start setting in, I just repeat this over and over to myself and it uplifts me tremendously.

So enjoying this journey!




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Week 8 – Doing it Now!


Well, the picture tells a story! How’s your week been? I must admit this weeks been a bit of a struggle, too much happening and I am still trying to do all the services, readings, etc. I have slipped up once or twice but am still on track and going strong. I have committed and will keep on keeping on until I achieve what I have set  out to achieve.

One of my services was to plant my veggie garden and I am proud to say that is a “go”. All on track and expanding this week. I had to play a bit of catchup on my services as I got a bit behind, but I am proud to say I did that all on the weekend! Christmas cakes baked, veggie garden done, plants sorted, etc.

In addition to all of this, we rescued a 2 year old cat from the stableyard where my daughter stables her horse. The lady living in the cottage just up and left and didn’t bother to take them with! Said her daughter wouldn’t have them. Then make a plan and have somebody take them from you or take them to animal rescue? This poor little mite is disabled, very week on his backlegs, can’t jump and sooooo loveable. He was just left outside to fend for himself, poor mite! Well needless to say, vaccinations done, neutering on track for this next week, deworming, etc as we have another 7 (yes seven) rescues at home, so can’t take any chances


.And I couldn’t help thinking, they are so dependant on us humans, and yet we falter all the time in being responsible and accountable to ourselves and others? This applies to all of us on the MKMMA course as well. If we commit to starting out, we need to commit and follow through and do what needs to be done to be successful, or we have no one else to blame but ourselves at the end of the day for our “lot” or “fate”. Man up, take responsibility and yes, sure sometimes we have a setback, but forgive yourself, pick yourself up and move on.

My business has picked up and new cleans are coming in daily, which is GREAT! Loving this part of my DMP getting going! I have tackled new advertising methods and they seem to be working, yay! When a thought pops in to my head, previously I might have ignored it, but now I see the opportunity and follow through.

Well, I followed Marks advice and read quite a few people’s Press Releases. I actually feel my dreams and goals are small compared to some and perhaps I have limited myself to the next 2 or 3 years? I need to revisit my DMP and Press Release in the next weeks and broaden my horizons. and plan further ahead in the future. Well done to everyone, they are amazing!

How did everyone elses recordings go? I am a bit technologically challenged and it took me a while to choose the right music, etc and then actually sit down and do the recording. But, it is done and I am listening every day. It’s strange to hear your own voice repeating all the POA statements, DMP, etc but very powerful.

Looking forward to week 9!

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Week 7 – Keeping it Together

holding hands2

So, my day begins at 06h00: Read the scroll, DMP,BPB,Masterkeys,7 Laws of the Mind,Press Release,Index Cards, 7 Day Diet, Compensation Essay, Sit. This is how my days now begin, with a cup of coffee in bed and the aforementioned Readings. When doing this, my day can only start off positive can it not? I have actually formulated a spreadsheet which I tick off daily, morning/Noon and Night, so that I dont forget anything. I am not always so conscientious about the midday reads, but that’s why I choose to do the bulk of the readings in the morning. I only do the scroll and the movie Trailer at lunchtime.

The sale of my laundry business is still going ahead, however, the original buyer has not been able to organise financing and wanted me to take payment over 24 months. It was difficult for me, but I thought of my DMP and my new blueprint and was able to turn away from this offer. At the moment, I have two other interested parties who are cash buyers, so I realise I need to stick to my guns and move forward and not get hampered when things don’t always work out as planned. I remember the first scroll which says “I must practise the art of patience, cos nature acts never in haste” and this has sustained me.

I had an irate client this week who gave me every opportunity to just tell her to “go and get knotted!” However, I practised the Law of Substitution and kept it all together while she ranted on and on and on. My husband had overheard the conversation and had actually commented that he didn’t know how I managed to stay so positive with her shouting in my ear. The cherry on top was when I received an sms from her later on in the day apologising for her behaviour. I realised then that I had set a good example by not fighting back and it had not gone unnoticed. I felt really proud of myself.

Driving on the roads is also a challenge, but more and more I am just letting things be. When someone pulls out in front of me driving like a snail, I merely slow down and take a deep breath and think of my DMP. I have had to restart my 7 days of positivity quite a few times a day already, but it is getting easier to put the negative thoughts away and think positive and of my ultimate purpose.

I haven’t managed to do my recording yet, life has just been a bit hectic and I am a bit digitally challenged, but I will get in the Alliances area in the next day or two and get it done. I look forward to this, as I find the audios I listen to in my car very uplifting.

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Week 6 – Everything in shapes


Yay, after 5 weeks of trying to see these shapes in my world, pretty unsuccessfully I might add, now that I have my DMP goals on them, they are everywhere. (including on the pages all over my house. lol) The pieces of the puzzle are now taking shape!! Hallelujah!!

This is awesome, everytime I see these shapes, it brings a clear picture into my mind, instantly, my DMP goals as I have them on my shape sheet! My new life is taking shape, I am so excited.

I printed my pages with the 4 shapes, and chose to handwrite in the shapes, rather than print. It felt more meaningful this way? They are up all over my house, at my dressing table, on my cupboard, at my long mirror, above my computer on the wall,I decided not to put in the car, as we share a car and I don’t spend much time in the car, so rather put up everywhere in my home,  (we live in a smallish house and I work from home so it is not easy to miss them), that I notice on a regular basis and of course as my bookmark, which is becoming quite thick now, I must add.

The sentence I carried forward from Scroll One is “I am a new woman, with a new life” and it is feeling that way now. I tend to be anxious and am easily stressed? I run my own business and it comes with the staff issues and financial pressures, but I find doing my first readings in the morning with a cup of coffee in bed, before rising sets the precedent for the day. Not that I don’t still feel the anxiety, but it is improving and I can overcome it a lot easier and quicker. I feel more in control. I was on anti-depressants for a number of years, and these ultimately landed me in hospital for 9 days with a major heart complication in March this year. My medication was changed, but I am proud to say these are a thing of the past, I have totally weaned myself off them and I am doing great! This course is also assisting me in staying off the medication by changing my life and keeping me positive, focused and energised.

I am enjoying scroll 2, after the 30 days with scroll one, it is quite refreshing. I had an incident this week where I could so easily have lost my cool and I didn’t. I looked at the situation and thought it through, sent love and realised, it is as it is and did what I needed to do and moved on. I was so proud of myself.

Opinions are more obvious to me now, however, it is still a constant daily challenge to bite my tongue. We all too easily want to give our view or opinion when nobody has actually asked or actually cares at the end of the day?

Yes, more shapes, bring them on!! Opinions, be gone with you!





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