Week 5 – Well, I’ll be ***


What a shock, me opinionated? never!

And so the week began…………… I thought this would be a lot easier than it was. I am a good listener and never, knowingly, give my unwanted opinion, or so I thought? Yet, every time I opened my mouth, that dang opinion forced its way out of my mouth!

It has been a stressful week for me, what with selling off a portion of my business and getting all the necessary documentation in order, negotiation with the buyers, etc. But that’s no excuse for that opinion spewing out of my mouth 24/7!

I think I am a humble, non opinionated person, but even I cannot stop myself from automatically doing it on most occasions, whether it be in why people insist on putting their rubbish out in our complex instead of taking it to the dumpsite or why my domestic does things a certain way or doesn’t do it a certain way? In South Africa, we have these maniacal taxi drivers and my opinions on them are fast and furious. My clients behavioural patterns, demands, etc. to mention but a few!

wow, I can’t stop myself!!

So the exercise and the week continues.  I hope to get better with this over time! But, it has been a challenging exercise to say the least. Sooo, watch this space for the new non opinionated me!


3 thoughts on “Week 5 – Well, I’ll be ***

  1. From one humble, non-opinionated person to another I empathise. Here in England we also have taxi drivers and domestics whose DMP seems to be to challenge my internal opinion generator. That’s an observation, not an opinion!

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