Week 4 – Walking tall


Well, after these last three weeks, my DMP is reaching finalisation, or so my guide says? It is quite amazing how this has evolved, some of the dreams, goals I had first listed have been removed and others added or revamped. The timelines are also quite an eye opener, because it is good to have these dreams/goals, but they were always somewhere in the future, no idea of when they would be achieved.  And I was just plodding along in my life, hopng for circumstances to improve “someday”. Now it is incredibly exciting to think and read  the timelines to achieving these goals in my life, some short term and others longer.

Anyway, I have resubmitted my updated DMP and let’s see how I have done this time around! It is a work in progress.

Other than that my week has been good, I am spending my 15 minutes daily in the morning upon rising, before my cup of coffee. This has worked out best for me. I then do my morning reads, etc and then I feel energised to start the day. I used to be a person who liked to lie in, but lately I am up at 06hoo doing my MKMMA, weekends included! I must say I do feel more vitality on waking in the mornings! “I drink as instructed and spill not a drop, the seeds of success I swallow!”

I am now working from home and I am finding it quite easy to fit my MKMMA routine in. My stress levels working away from my place of business are definitely much lower and thanks to the awakening I had after starting  MKMMA, the sale of my one business, which was very stressful and time consuming,  is going ahead.

I am still actively reducing that dreaded “fear” each day so that my solar plexus can function as it should. For too long I have carried this around with me,but NO MORE!

“I am walking tall among men and they know me not, for today I am a new man with a new life!”



5 thoughts on “Week 4 – Walking tall

  1. I am experiencing a similar evolution of my DMP and realise that, like evolution, it will be forever work in progress. I also work from home so fitting in MKMMA is relatively easy but fixing it in a place in my routine is a challenge. New good habits needed here!


    • As Mark has said there are many things that change almost without notice. I too get up pumped! I too have made numerous changes to my DMP and I expect we all will before this wraps up. lots of things big and small are shifting and sliding around and changing shape. I do not find this easy to fit in my schedule even though I am retired. I find myself re playing most of the Webinars to fill in the gaps that I miss. I am just now realizing that my old blueprint that says I need to understand before I act is just what most needs to change! Once I sort give up trying to understand first and just follow the exercises things just fall into place. Big and tough for a control freak to do.
      I love your site and hope to figure out the tech stuff better as i go along.


  2. Yes I agree… the early morning hours are truly magical. I remember Dr Wayne Dyer saying: “I’m not focused on any ego sense, I just go to a state of awe and gratitude—I’m deeply, profoundly grateful to be alive and I thank you.”


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