Week 3 – Onwards and Upwards

Skys the limit

This Masterkey mastermind alliance is truly an amazing journey.

This week I am fixing up my DMP and putting all those dates in place together with the emotions as advised by my guide, quite scary because there is now a deadline so to speak to accomplishing these goals. For one who found it very hard to dream and set goals for fear of failure, it is quite a daunting task and I keep questioning myself whether this is actually achievable or not? The old blueprint which I am challenging daily and overriding often these days.

One of my goals was to sell my cleaning  business before June 2015. This has been an eye opener, as my business consists of 2 parts, a physical laundry and the cleaning services business. This week, I decided to sell the laundry side of it as I had someone who is interested, and continue with the cleaning services only going forward. Wow, it was an eye opener as I had this in my DMP and part of it was already coming to fruition, allowing some of the other goals to get under way too! I am in awe! I had clung onto this business for so long that I couldn’t even remember why anymore? This now takes away a big portion of my overheads away and makes my cleaning service more profitable which will enable me to achieve my goal of selling the cleaning business sooner! or for more! Wow is all I can say!

I tend to get anxious over issues and circumstances, and now with more insight am feeling much calmer in situations. I was on meds for years for the anxiety and stress, but  have now totally weaned myself off these tablets and feel wonderful and energised! I do still get overwhelmed on certain days, but I know now this is just the old blueprint not wanting to take a back seat and I just override it.

I am enjoying the learnings of the subconscious mind and solar plexus, it all makes so much sense. The magnetic field around us is further insight that we can attract people into our lives and help people around us with this positive energy field and we need to keep this as such so that we repel all negativity and fears, etc.

This week I had an almost “all fall down moment” when I discovered I had a blue arrow next to my blog URL and I am doing everything by the book so to speak. Turns out by reblogging other peoples posts, this appears on my post page and the guides, etc couldn’t find my actual posts so they thought I hadn’t completed them! But this was sorted out very quickly by my guide, thank goodness. I have deleted these posts so as not to run into this problem again. I had visions of being booted off the course and this was not good!!

However, alls well that ends well. I am resubmitting my DMP today and look forward to the final version soon! I had fun with my movie trailer and it is amazing how we can look back and see our lives play out like a movie!

I can’t wait for the next chapter!


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