Week 2 – And so my new life begins with a bang!

Well, Week 2 of mkmma has surely been eventful. I never expected my life to change so quickly, it is an amazing experience. Events this week have set me off on my new life much sooner than I would have thought possible. One of my desires in my DMP is going to come to fruition much sooner than I had expected and hence my new life will begin and I will dust off my old life.

When Correcting statements in my DMP for this week, I have omitted one or two and even added to it, still keeping my words below 400. This was a bit of a challenge, I must say. I find it amazing how some lifelong desires I had were not actually that deep seated? I thought they were lifelong desires, but actually they were not. Other things have become much more important after starting this process. One of my PPN’s is Legacy and I have altered my thinking in this regard and it is the legacy I leave my family that is of utmost importance to me. Bringing them happiness, showing love and enjoying every moment we spend together is of the utmost importance and not what I can give to the world out there materialistically.

I am finding it quite easy to do the daily readings and am reading with more depth than I did in week 1, reading more into each written statement.

I have not completed my chore on my card yet, but will be doing tomorrow. I have scheduled it into my daily plan. However, I have even accomplished other chores that I had not gotten to for a while, but were long overdue.
In the beginning of week one I felt overwhelmed and was wondering how I would be able to complete all the readings and tasks daily and weekly, including the various webinars, etc. However, I am not quite comfortable with the daily readings and weekly requirements.

My other PPN was recognition of creative expression and this specifically is gardening for me. I haven’t had the energy, time or inclination to spend time in the garden for a few years now. My passion is roses and many years ago I dedicated a lot of my spare time to gardening, specifically with roses and vegetable gardening. However, the challenges and trials in my life have dampened this and I cannot wait to get back out there! My circumstances have changed this week and I will now be working and running my business from home and this is giving me more flexibility and I am heading out into the garden each morning and this is a great start to my day. I also enjoy spending my quite, still time in the garden. I am just amazed at how quickly the time goes when I’m out there!

Well, this was week 2 and things are changing for me already. Can’t wait to see what the rest of the programme brings.


12 thoughts on “Week 2 – And so my new life begins with a bang!

  1. WOW This is exactly what I needed to read this week. You popped up in my email and so I decided to visit your blog. I’m glad I did because you are living proof that this does not need to be hard. I am celebrating your success and the speed at which is it happening.


  2. So excited to hear about your changes, and so soon!!! I, too, have been longing to get back into the garden. I haven’t done nearly as much in the last few years, but am getting back to it again. So therapeutic.


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