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Week 1 – Where to begin

Well, where to begin? That says it all. Today we were almost evicted from the house that we rent due to a short payment due to lack of finances. I run a small cleaning service business and it is a struggle to pay the bills each month. My husbands earnings are small at present and my business is funding itself and our household expenses. To say it is a daily battle to stay positive is an understatement, yet I take each day as it comes.
This is the story of my life for the last 28 years of my married life. We have had ups, but far more downs in our financial status. I have always believed if you give to others and are charitable, you will always get in return. This is true to a degree, but obviously there is still much lacking within for me to achieve the success I feel I deserve to achieve.
I have so many years of attempting so many things and yet here I am. Clearly something needed to change! My husband has always been an entrepreneur and has attempted many businesses and networks in the last 28 years of our marriage. I have always allowed him to live his dream as he never was able to fit in within the corporate structure. He has had successes during this time, however, has never been able to maintain them for various reasons.
Because of this we had a separation a few years back, but after therapy I am happy to say we are back together and doing well in our relationship. We both had lessons to learn and embraced these lessons head on.
He introduced me to this course after he had registered and gained a scholarship. We then decided it would be great to do the course together and I registered and am very thankful I was also granted a scholarship. The process of doing this course together will be great for our relationship and future and we are very excited about this.
I am very excited to work on my “within” as I believe this is where I need to change quite drastically. I believe I am a positive thinking person, but obviously my thinking has been wrong and that is why I find myself where I am today.
I was a bit intimidated after the webinar on Sunday thinking this was a daunting task and wondering whether I was capable of doing this process, but once I got stuck in on Monday and the habits of the reading, writing, etc settled in, so has the excitement at what this course can do for me, my family and my business.
I look forard to the weeks and months ahead!

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